Large Garden Starter Kit    $40ppd

Get (3) Clyde's Garden Planners plus (12) packets of Heirloom Vegetable Seeds!
More than enough seed to get your Large garden going in style, plus some charts to share with friends. 
(Heirloom = Non-Hybrid)     Click to see Video Explaining Clyde's Planting Chart

Below see Seed Packets You Will Get along with (3) Clyde's Veggie Planting Slide Charts:
One of each listed below.

Large Package Approx Qty of Seeds
     Bean: Contender 40
     Beet: Chioggia 250
     Carrot: St. Valery 800
     Cucumber: a Good Kind for Pickling 25
     Lettuce: Rocky Top Mix 1200
     Peas; Sugar Snap, or Mammoth Sugar 100
     Pepper: Purple Beauty 25
     Radish: White Hailstone 400
     Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing 250
     Summer Squash: Black Beauty Zucchini 20
     Sweet Corn: Country Gentleman 150
     Tomato: Riesentraube 25

Cost, Seeds and Charts = $32.00,  Total with Postage Paid:  $40.00

Seeds are provided by our friends at
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company,
of Mansfield Missouri.

We asked them to prepare a 12 pack of the most frequently requested vegetable seeds for this offer.

  • To Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, they have it all

    Text Box: Baker Creek Seed Store, Mansfield, MO

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