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THE Vegetable Gardening Slide Chart ($5.00 Postage Paid    Over 110,000 Charts Sold
Vegetable Planting Times & Frost Dates   Garden Seed Starter Kits: Large, Small, Below

Tells When to Plant Vegetables, Local Frost Dates, Seeding & Harvest Dates

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This Chart Answers the following Gardening Plan Questions & Will Save you Many Hours of Research:  
When is my local frost date?
Vegetable Growing & Planting Times?
Indoor Planting Times for seed flats?
Seed Planting Times & Quantity?
Plants - When to purchase and plant?
How deep do they plant, and how far apart?
Tomato Planting Times for seeds and plants?
Corn Planting Times?
Pepper Planting Times for seeds and plants?
Bean Planting Times?
Squash Planting Times?
Onion Planting?            Clyde's Chart Video

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Owning and knowing how to use the proper tools is vital for any gardener. Clyde's Garden Planner: a useful tool that will help ensure a quality garden, year after year.
  • Great Gift Idea (Stocking Stuffer)!

  • Works in Most Parts of North America!

  • Have a Fall Garden This Year!

  • Try Starting Seeds Indoors with Clyde's Chart to Guide You!

  • Can be Printed with Your Garden Club's Name in the Header!

  • An Excellent Premium or Promotional Item for Greenhouses, Lawn and Garden Centers, Bulk Seed Companies, and Hardware Stores!

  • Teach Yourself or Your Customers How to Garden!


If you need a new copy of Clyde's slide chart Instruction page, which includes the frost date listing click here: Slide Chart Directions 2008 Scan.pdf

If you need a national listing of frost dates, including Canada
click here:  North American Frost Dates 2008 Includes Canada.pdf 

Clyde and Wheel Barrow

 What is Clyde's Planner?
Clyde's Garden Planner is a handy, easy to use, vegetable gardening slide chart for the home and hobby gardener. 
This unique Slide Chart, comes with local frost dates, and presents gardening events in a "time phased" format so that it is possible to see at a glance the entire vegetable planting, growing and harvesting period.   Chart shows indoor & outdoor planting times relative to spring and fall frost dates for (22) common Garden Vegetables.  Our chart will save you hours of research, and greatly increase your chances of having a successful garden by avoiding the frost. 
Read user feedback.        (Over 110,000 charts sold!!!)

Frost Dates Included:  Since frost dates vary from region to region, the frost line slides, making this slide-chart useful in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, where frost is a critical gardening factor (USA & Canada).  Front of chart shows the spring season, and the flip side acts as a guide for fall gardeners.  Frost dates for a large number of major cities in North America are included in the directions.  See Frost Dates  Video Explaining Chart

Chart is helpful in visualizing the timing of events and resources for the family vegetable garden.  Chart includes the following major features in a time phased format using a horizontal calendar -click below to see a picture of chart:        (Great Garden Gift!!)

CDM Planning Chart

See list of North American Frost Dates 2008 Includes Canada.pdf

     See:   Chart Video    Slide Show of Chart Functions

In addition, the slide portion of the chart provides the following critical planting information for each type of veggie:
  • Quantity of seeds or plants required to make a 10 foot row.
  • Planting depth.
  • Distance between rows (Hills and wide raised rows are suggested).
  • Distance between plants after thinning.
And each chart comes with a one page explanation-- including a listing of average first and last frost dates for major metropolitan areas in North America, USA & Canada.

Clyde's Garden Planner is particularly useful for new gardeners & fall gardens, and since the "one chart" works in most parts of North America, it makes a great gift!
If your Garden Club, or local Master Gardeners would like to do a group order just contact Clyde for a quick quote:   E-mail Clyde

For Bulk Seed Retailers, Garden Centers, and Mail Order Catalog Companies:
If your organization would like to purchase Clyde's Garden Planner in larger quantities, for resale, or as a premium or promotional item, bulk rates are available. The chart can also be CUSTOMIZED so that it displays your organization's name or logo in the header (See an example). For more information, or for a volume quote, please feel free to e-mail Clyde (
  • We are a home schooling family of (8).
  • Clyde & Ann (Dad and Mom),  Dad works as an Industrial Engineer in Lebanon Mo, Mom teaches the children in the home.
  • Dad developed the slide chart while planning his vegetable garden around the baby birth #3 in 1990, See chart story, See chart video
  • Our family plays music: Bluegrass, Hymns & Scripture Songs, see web page with tunes ready for down-load.
  • Dad also developed a unique Multi-Harp Harmonica Holder.
  • Daughter Abigail does custom sketches - see below.
  • We are trusting in the Finished Work of Christ
  • Updated 2-20-09/CM.

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