Rounded Rectangular Callout: Hi,  Can I help with your garden?

Text Box: CHART
Your Chart as it Arrives in the MailText Box: INSTRUCTIONS
    (Go to Video Demo of Chart)

Read Your Local Frost Dates on the Back of Instructions 

Text Box: Find your local Spring and Fall Frost Dates Listed by State and City on Back of Instructions:

Text Box: Horizontal Calendar above Window

Slide Spring Frost Line in Place - Read Your Planting & Harvest Times

 Text Box: Slide the Red Frost Line Into Position at Your Local Frost Date from back of Instructions


Text Box: Legend and short Directions are at the Bottom of the Chart

Text Box: Harvest Dates = Green Checks
 Text Box: List of Veggies


Text Box: Spring Side of Chart


Text Box: Read SI/Seeds Indoors - Dates for advance planting of Veggies in flats in the house

 Text Box: Read FP/First Outdoor Planting Dates for Each Veggie, Each Column is a Week
Flip Chart Over & Slide to Fall Frost Date – Read Last Planting Times

Text Box: Fall Side of Chart

Text Box: Slide Red Frost Line to Your Local Fall Frost Date. Read LP/Last Planting Dates to Reduce the Chance of Frost Damage to Your Fall Crop.

Text Box: Green Check Marks are Expected Harvest Dates

 Pull Slide, Turn 90 degrees & Read Detailed Planting Data by Veggie

Text Box: Find Seed Planting Data for Each Type of Veggie:
 - Seed Qty.
- Planting Depth
- Distance Between Rows
- Distance Between Plants   After Thinning



Text Box: When we are not playing Bluegrass, that is….


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