Clyde's Harmonica Holder   
Multi-Harp Harmonica Holder  ~  See Photos and Video Demo Below

I have developed a simple device for holding multiple harmonicas - see pictures below.  Holder is made from 2 laser-cut metal plates, a bolt, and locknut, and is powder painted black.  Clyde's Holders come in (6) sizes.  This device makes it possible to quickly change keys, along with the band.  It is also handy for harp players who want to have that "missing note" close-by.    This holder is designed to be used with most standard size Hohner, Seydel and Lee Oskar harmonicas.    Harmonicas not included.

Price = $20.00/each holder - postage paid.
We accept Paypal or USA checks,  (see address below).
International customers use Paypal only, and add $5.00/holder for shipping.

Please type in which holder(s) you want:

7-Harp, 6-Harp 5-Harp, 4-Harp,or 3-Harp, 2-Harp.



6 Harp Holder
3 Harp Holder

Click for Demo of Harp Holders:  

Photo of all (6) Sizes ==>>


or......Send Check To:

Clyde Majerus
23496 Andrew Road
Grovespring, MO 65662
We trust in the Finished Work of Christ.

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